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The children playground falls claims for lost income 138000

2015-03-20 09:29:09 browse:993

The explosion heat drama "rushed into the sky", Captain Julian Cheung will fly, will chase women,handsome cry for a bunch of fans. Reality pilot is less clear. Accidentally fall, may not fly.Yesterday, the Hangzhou Binjiang court, there is such a case hearing.

The case is not complicated, the pilot said he took his son to go to the amusement park, workerssprinkle water on the floor, a 33 year old pilot broke his waist. The doctor directly open a certificate for 56 days' leave. The pilot to the amusement park, claims for medical expenses only 930 yuan,but lost income amounted to 138000 yuan. Because, she was a pilot for more than 8 years. The average monthly income of 73000 yuan for the past 3 years.

Pilot rest 56 days

Delay claims 138000 yuan

8 in October last year, around 9 pm, the pilot and his wife took his son to Binjiang District Avenue,an amusement park.

Show the amusement park surveillance video, began to pilot the son of a man in the play. Cleaningworkers carry a red bucket toward the water on the ground. The pilots flew with the son. After sprinkling area, he suddenly staggered and fell on his back, lay not up for 5 minutes.

Then, the pilot's wife and staff rushed to the playground. You call 120 for an ambulance. The doctor, the pilot on the right side of the L3 transverse fracture, need to avoid strenuous exercise,forcing the rest.

Yesterday, pilots did not personally appear. His agent said that the pilots of a special type of work,the lumbar fracture, seriously affected his normal fly. The amusement park as a public place of entertainment operators, entirely within the limits of reasonable security obligations, should bear the responsibility.

Although the medical fee of only 930 yuan, but they raised 138000 yuan taxi fee claim.

The pilot after resting for 56 days, according to the social security records, proof of income, hisaverage monthly salary in the past 3 years, up to 73000 yuan, so the loss of fees is very high.

What is running down

Watering or fall

The pilot what fall?

According to the amusement park side of it, the time of the incident, the amusement park is still half an hour out of business, the customer asked, whether to play, customers still require admission.Later, the staff reminded, Business Hours has arrived, to start cleaning. But they did not bother, the couple seemed to quarrel.

"The pilot was on the outside, but suddenly run, falling toward the children, this is his own. The amusement park has eye-catching signs, admission must wear socks, not chasing. The pilot did not wear socks, and suddenly ran down and the playground has nothing to do so."

The explanation was suddenly run, because his son to urinate, ran to the care of children, but there is water on the floor, was accidentally slipped.

"Arguably, this is a children's play mechanism, the floor is all plastic foam board, the safety factorshould be very high, therefore, lead to the accident, nothing else, the culprit is the ground water,very slippery, but the staff did not try to remind obligations."

Do not deny that the amusement park, the staff began to do the cleaning, watering. But theystressed that the incident, already is the time to work, on the ground, no socks and running,apparently more likely to fall.

"We also want to actively deal with this matter, but the plaintiff was saying" I am a pilot, you can not afford to lose, then do not contact us, so now can only speak to court." The amusement park's agent said.

Judges after court mediation between the parties, because the gap is too large, mediation is not successful. The court could actually declared.

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